Large Speedometer




LargeSpeedometer is, as the name suggests, a speedometer with a large LCD-style display.

You can measure your traveling speed, when you are riding by bike, going by bus, train or car.

(A clear view of the sky is necessary to receive GPS signals.)

The display is rotated according to the device orientation by using notifications from the built in accelerometer.

The speed is computed by using GPS satelite information.

3 different velocity units are supported.

Additionally several digital data values are computed.




  • iOS 7.0
  • a device with GPS-receiver




  • GPS-signal speed computation
  • mph, km/h, kts speed units
  • display rotation
  • iPhone Retina display support
  • iPad compatible
  • computation of digital data values like: trip time and length, average and top speed, acceleration
  • Localization is available in English, German, French and Japanese


Graphics-Design by Christian Rosentreter



Large Speedometer



Available on the App Store